Ginny B. - Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort Lake Buena Vista

As Revenue Manager for a Walt Disney World area hotel, it was vital for me to find a way to help our reservation agents set our hotel apart and to consistently increase reservation conversion.

Tara Bull came to our hotel and I found her training methods to be professional and extremely effective. Through a variety of techniques, including role-playing, our agents learned how to identify customer needs and build value before quoting rates. Tara taught them how to ask for a commitment. As a direct result I saw a significant increase in hotel revenue.

During my 20 year hospitality career I have seen different trainers at work. I can honestly say I have never met anyone who could even come close as Tara's equal. I highly recommend Tara as a trainer for your company. Her experience, professionalism and motivation will give you the results you are looking for!


Megan R.Kaplan University

I am happy to hear that others in a variety of industries are going to have the opportunity to see you in action with your comprehensive and warm training style. They will all be much better for the experience.

I remember the first day, a sea of new faces, a new vocabulary, a new concept, another planet. As the difficult days went by, somehow, you made it all make sense, bit by bit painting a picture and tying everything together into a first a concept, then a workable action plan. No easy feat, but your humor, excitement, your "humaness", you encouraged everyone to not hold back but become engaged in the very process.

After 30 years as a sales professional, I want to thank you for that experience. What I learned from you will stay with me forever, wherever I go, whatever I do.I am MUCH better for the experience, and I know they, whoever those lucky individuals are, will feel the same.


Michelle W. – SheltAir Aviation Services

Oh, I wish you were still training us. Meeting the people I've met over here makes me so aware of all the things you've taught me and it's exciting to realize that it's not only applicable to SheltAir. I moved in December when my boyfriend got a contracting job. The 'Breakfast Club' threw me a (surprise) going away party, it was fabulous....definitely wish you could have been there.  I love taking care of my family, but can't wait to get back to school, no matter how rude the people! Trust me, SheltAir needed you, and still does. Even working in it as long as I have, it's so easy to get complacent when it comes to customer service. Or, in the case of my community college, just plain good nature! Miss you. I have to tell you, Tara, I think about you all the time! Most recently, I went to register for a new program at the community college here and the staff was so rude! The campus itself is brand new and everything looks incredible, but the people that they have working there leave a lot to be desired. I had never been there and was beyond lost, but no one seemed to sympathize at they'd never been lost, at all, ever, in their entire We need you here!


Nicky C. - SheltAir Aviation Services

Training has not been the same, without Tara. When Tara came into town for training, our staff always knew we were going to get the most updated training methods that were available. We were going to get an explaination that everyone could understand on how to use these new methods. Thats what a people person can acomplish. So is Tara. When training was completed, all concerned had a much better knowledge and understanding of what was expected of us as employee's, and of course how to apply them to our daily work routines. Tara would do group meetings, but then also go one on one to better ensure all were on the same page. Things like this are missed in our current training.


Marie F. SheltAir Aviation Services

Our customer service team always enjoyed when Tara came into town! Her training was always entertaining, from music when we walked in, to prizes when we answered questions. She was able to get some of the quietest members of our team to engage in the presentation.

What I most enjoyed about Tara's style is how detail oriented she was. One of my favorite lessons learned through Tara was giving affirmative answers like, "I can help you with that." I still use the phrase today!  

Tara has a personal approach that I enjoyed also. On top of having large group training events, she incorporated one-on-one time into her time with us. She sat down with individuals to find out what they really wanted to work on and help solve problems specific to our base. Soon enough, our customers knew Tara! I think someone even wrote her name down on a comment card for great service once.









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