Sales Skills (beginning, intermediate, advanced)
In today’s competitive economic climate, companies are looking for “hunters” – those with a specific plan in mind to prospect new business and “closers” – those who utilize a specific sales structure in order to secure business. From inception to the final contract signature, we’ll determine the best course of action for your employees and increase conversions with top-drawer revenue achievements. Can be customized for group sales, individual transient sales and call center environments. 4/8 hours

5 Star Service For All
 You don’t have to be a 5-star rated property or company to provide over-the-top service. In this course, we’ll discuss what makes great companies great and adopt some of their best practices to increase your customer’s loyalty and subsequently your revenue. 4/8 hours

Exceeding Customers’ Expectations
Customer satisfaction is worthless, but customer loyalty is priceless. We’ll examine proactive techniques that create lasting experiences for your customers and keep them coming back (and referring you to others) for years to come. 4 hours

Turn the Complaint Into the Compliment
Unexpected things happen. It’s how you handle the unexpected that impresses customers, recovers business and ensures returns. We’ll examine your current problem-solving techniques and develop a formula that empowers your employees and creates consistency in how they handle complaints. 4 hours

Management Leadership Training
Designed for the middle manager, this class will concentrate on connecting and communicating with your employees. We’ll review traditional management best practices, tweak them to your company’s specific situation and develop a system that allows your employees to shine and increases your bottom line. 

Know Thy Customer – Personality Profiling, Conversational Tips, Business Etiquette
Customers don’t come in a “one size fits all” world. We need to relate to them in a way that allows everyone involved to benefit. We’ll discuss how to identify the different personalities we come in contact with and how to best work with them. We’ll also examine the relationship sales aspect and how planned conversation can lead to long term repeat sales. 8 hours
May select either “Profiling Your Customer” or “The Art of Conversation in Sales” as a partial day class

From the Telephone to the Table - Long or Short Distance Service
Does the majority of your selling effort occur over the phone? Doe you conduct your business through e-mails? Or are you more accustomed to face to face contact with your clients? Different situations call for different sales and service skills. In this course, we’ll examine and perfect our relationship skills, regardless of the communication method we’re using. 8 hours
May select “Telephone Sales” or “Face to Face Sales” as a partial day class.

Individual consultative coaching 
Not every employee thrives in a classroom situation – and not every business can afford to schedule classes for groups of employees. Individual coaching is ideal for call centers, desk areas and anywhere in the workplace. Using a customized model, Noblesse will assist the employee to identify their needs areas and develop a plan of action to increase their skill set. Available on a per hour basis

Prior and Post Needs Assessments
In order to achieve the end result, we need to identify our need areas first. Your customized assessment will determine the type of skills necessary to increase your individual employees’ productivity. It’s also essential to determine progress so that the end result is achieved. Our consultations will help you determine your best course of ongoing action. Available on a per hour basis

Take Control of Your Business – Outlook

Is your inbox overflowing? Are you controlling your communication or it is the other way around? We’ll examine components of Microsoft Outlook™ and work on how we can increase productivity while retaining the communication upper hand. 4 hours

Team Building Programs for Corporate and Association Groups

Exciting and educational team building programs are available to hospitality clients who are looking for dynamic team building programs for their convention groups.

A team that works together achieves more together. We'll create lasting relationships and define our roles In customized team activities that culminate in a pre-determined goal. 4 hours

For more information, programs customized to fit your company's needs and a needs assessment, contact Tara at 321-230-9592, via Skype at tmbull915 or via email at

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