“I just returned from a managers meeting. While reflecting on our push to change our service culture, your name came up multiple times. So many people, including yours truly, voiced their praise of the work you did to help us achieve some of these goals. You are loved, admired and appreciated. Thanks for all you did for us.”

Arvin Weese, General Manager, SheltAir Aviation Services

“Tara is a manager that knows the meaning of leadership. She leads by example and was not afraid to use heart in her dealings with her staff. Each person on her team was an individual and she cared for them as such. Her style was representative of her trust in others' abilities and knowledge.”
David Clester, Senior Training Operations Manager, Kaplan University

“As a Director of Training, Tara is able to use humor, anticipate needs, provide feedback, coach participants and promptly connect with her staff and trainees. Her ability to quickly assess people and situations, put priorities into perspective, and communicate practical solutions is proven each day. As an outstanding mentor and manager Tara consistently uses her integrity and diligent work ethic to create and implement the best training practices. She is by far one of the best and I would recommend her in a minute!”               Page McKay, Recruiter, Kaplan University

“Our industry was one where a customer could walk through your door and spend thousands of dollars while entrusting the care of a multi-million dollar aviation asset to the employees... having an outstanding customer service team was (and is) of utmost importance.
When Tara was hired on at our company, our customer service staff didn't know what the definition of "customer service" was. Although she didn't have any experience in the General Aviation industry at the time, Tara quickly crafted customized (and relevant) training materials for our staff. The positive turnaround in the attitude, morale, knowledge, and performance of the CSR's she trained was nearly immediate! Offering reoccurring customer service training sessions (across 12 cities) and teaching our managers how to "shop-call" and coach their staff, Tara ensured that none of our 250+ employees slipped through the cracks, and that everyone received the personalized training they needed to succeed.
As a Marketing Director, I often worked closely with Tara; she successfully made our CSR's better at what they did, which resulted in happier customers, which resulted in great word-of-mouth marketing for our company. (This made our tangible services a lot easier to sell!) People often forget that the intangible things (like an outstanding customer service interaction) are the things that will keep your customers coming back; Tara understood this, and our company was definitely better off with her in it.”
Joe Ribaudo, Director of Marketing – SheltAir Aviation Services

“Few trainers I've encountered work harder or have more talent as educators and facilitators than Tara Bull. During my years at Signature, Tara consistently volunteered for difficult assignments and then did whatever it would take to arrive completely prepared and ready to delight the client - even when it required significant personal sacrifice. As a result, Tara became a real "Go To" training account manager. She also took on additional responsibilities - as a seller, an instructional designer and team leader - whenever doing so would benefit the company and its clients. We were clearly a better company because of Tara's contributions, and I'm confident any organization for whom she works in the future will be equally thrilled to have her on the team.”    Mike Paton, Owner & Implementer, EOS Midwest

“I had the pleasure of working with Tara at Signature Worldwide. Being a new hire, I sought out someone I would feel most comfortable with to help me understand my role. Tara is a gifted mentor who not only helped pave the way but showed me how to make my own creativity work best for me. She is a gifted business trainer who gives those she train an opportunity to move forward. She not only brings hign energy to her classes; she brings the passion necessary to motivate those who want to grow.”        Bob Albom, Regional Training Account Manager, SIgnature Worldwide, Inc.


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